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Translating precision medicine into acute care

Adrenomed AG is a privately held, clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of pioneering therapies to rescue vascular integrity to save the lives of critically ill patients. Founded in 2009 by a management team with decades of experience in sepsis, diagnostics and drug development, Adrenomed’s vision is to translate the concept of precision medicine into acute care. Lead product candidate is Adrecizumab, a first-in-class antibody targeting the vasoprotective peptideAdrenomedullin, an essential regulator of vascular integrity.

A biomarker-guided Phase II trial (AdrenOSS-2, NCT03085758) in 301 patients with early septic shock was successfully completed. The antibody, given on top of standard of care, showed a favourable safety profile, improved organ function and demonstrated a positive trend on survival.


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Field of Activity
The company’s goal is to counteract loss of vascular integrity and endothelial barrier function. This is an underlying pathophysiology in life-threatening conditions further downstream of inflammation, which is associated with increased vascular leakage, congestion and shock. The developed technology is the first sepsis therapy candidate to target this important causal pathophysiology of the condition. Current lead indication is septic shock, the most severe form of sepsis. Building on the results from the AdrenOSS-2 trial, Adrenomed is now planning a pivotal clinical trial program.
Technology The strong rationale for the technology is supported by the elegance of its mode of action: Adrecizumab (INN: enibarcimab) is a first-in-class non-blocking monoclonal antibody. Upon binding to its target, the peptide hormone Adrenomedullin (ADM), it preserves its functionality as regulator of vascular integrity, while elevating its plasma level. Adrenomed is utilizing ADM as a biomarker to guide treatment to patients with deteriorating endothelial barrier, while at the same time using another biomarker to exclude patients whose cause of septic shock has a different pathophysiology. With this approach, Adrenomed is shifting sepsis treatment towards precision medicine, ensuring that patients get the right drug for their underlying disease mechanism.
Unique Selling Point Adrenomed AG is bringing precision medicine to the acute care setting with a pioneering biomarker-guided approach to sepsis. A strong IP position and patents granted in all major markets effectively secures Adrenomed’s business.
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