Berlin-based Memorado, a globally leading brain training and cognitive science startup, announced it has raised a Series A investment round of 3,3 Mio. USD. Memorado is a global cognitive enhancement startup. Launched in February 2014, the company has attracted more than 3 Mio. from 229 countries globally.

Memorado has also launched the “Global Cognition Initiative (GCI)”, an opensource research collaboration connecting Memorado’s in-house scientists with scientists, researchers, practitioners and teachers around the world to advance humanity’s knowledge of cognition. Actually, the company is building a suite of products that allows its members to take a personalized route towards a stronger brain.

“What is commonly understood as cognitive enhancement is traditional education. However, today’s solutions can take a variety of shapes – be it nootropics, EEG-led headbands or mobile brain training”, Marius Luther, founder of Memorado, explains.

US research firm SharpBrains estimates the digital brain health market to reach 6 Mrd. USD by 2020. They also argue that over 2 Mrd. people worldwide suffer from brain-based health & productivity challenges resulting in a 2 tril USD global economic burden.

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