T-CURX GmbH is a private German earlystage biopharmaceutical company focused on identifying, developing and commercializing next generation CAR-T cell therapies in cancer indications of high medical need. The Company’s proprietary CAR-T technologies were developed in the labs of co-founder Prof. Michael Hudecek at Universitätsklinikum Würzburg that are centered around a novel Sleeping Beauty (SB) Transposon system approach and are exclusively licenced to T-CURX. T-CURX has a development pipeline of 4 programs, the first product candidate is in clinical development (Ph I), the 2nd CAR-T program (novel target) in AML is ready for clinical trial application.

The application of its proprietary technologies will overcome limitations of current CAR-T cell therapies and lower complexities and costs in manufacturing.

About T-CURX GmbH:

Field of Activity T-CURX proprietary CAR-T solutions address market challenges (scalability, costs and turnaround), and maximize anti-tumor efficacy and reversible control of function of infused CAR-T cells in patients
Ownership Structure and Financing T-CURX is a privately owned company backed by several European / US family offi ces and collaborates with a broad range of academic institutions and industry partners.
Partners T-CURX offers selected partners the opportunity to discover and develop additional therapies based on its proprietary technological platforms
Technology/IP Protection Non-viral Sleeping-Beauty transposon-based gene transfer offers unparalleled scalability and efficiency. Strong IP protection by 8 patent families for technology and pipeline
Products/Services Development of a differentiated target portfolio with first- and best-in-class potential in different cancer indications (AML) including solid tumors
Unique Selling Proposition Proprietary virus-free transposon-based CAR-T technology is less complex in manufacturing and results in lower COGS, short turnaround time and high scalability for larger cancer indications


Dr. Ulf Grawunder, CEO
Address Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 15
97076 Würzburg
Am Klopferspitz 19
82152 Martinsried
Telephone +49 931 250 99 712
E-mail info@t-curx.com
Web Address https://www.t-curx.com
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