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Sterna Biologicals GmbH & Co. KG is an innovative clinical-stage immunology company developing truly novel, first-inclass, safe and efficient GATA-3-specific broad-spectrum immunomodulating therapies for millions of patients suffering from type 2 inflammation driven chronic diseases such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), atopic dermatitis, and ulcerative colitis.

The company’s proprietary DNAzyme-based therapeutics can intervene with upstream infl ammatory processes and therewith for the fi rst time address related diseases at their root cause. Sterna completed four Phase IIa clinical trials and the company´s lead programs SB010 in asthma and SB012 in ulcerative colitis are progressing towards Phase IIb readiness.

Sterna Biologicals at a glance:


Field of Activity
Development of novel, first-in-class antisense oligonucleotide-based broad-spectrum treatments for chronic inflammatory diseases; tackling Type 2 inflammation by targeting master transcription factor GATA-3 with DNAzymes, a special type of antisense.
Ownership Structure and Financing Privately held. Investors include Engelhard Arzneimittel and UBG Unternehmensberatung & Betreuung.
Products/Services Company’s GATA-3 antagonist lead development programs SB010 in asthma and SB012 in ulcerative colitis successfully completed Phase IIa clinical trials. Both programs generated solid safety data and strong efficacy signals. These are highly supportive of the company’s unique, fi rst-in-class and highly differentiated approach
of tackling Type 2 inflammation. SB010 comes in a liquid inhaled formulation, while SB012 is formulated as an enema and in an orally available, colon-specific carrier system. Both programs leverage sterna’s proprietary and patent-protected active pharmaceutical ingredient hgd40, a DNAzyme and fi rst-in-class GATA-3 antagonist. Additionally, sterna also has a pipeline of GATA-3 antagonist development programs in COPD and atopic dermatitis.
Unique selling point Sterna aims to causatively interfere with upstream inflammatory processes, using a special type of antisense molecule – DNAzymes. Targeting GATA-3, the master transcription factor centrally regulating Type 2 driven inflammatory diseases, enables sterna to address these chronic diseases at their root cause. With its innovative approach and the Company’s proprietary DNAzyme-based therapeutics, sterna is the first and only company making GATA-3 druggable and has demonstrated that GATA-3 downregulation could be the key to a truly novel, first-in-class broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory breakthrough therapy.
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Christian Pangratz, CEO


Address Bismarckstrasse 7
35037 Marburg
Telephone/Telefax +49 6421 98300-50/-599
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