EnglishBusiness GmbH

EnglishBusiness is a consultancy of communication experts, translators, interpreters and trainers. We are the European headquarters of The Language Group of companies and have our offices in Hamburg, Germany. For nearly 27 years we have provided clients with the skills and services they need to expand their global reach.

EnglishBusiness at a glance:

Field of Activity
Our joint mission at EnglishBusiness and The Language Group is to enable each of our clients to communicate in a convincing, authentic and consistent voice across their entire organisation.
Ownership structure and financing Owner-managed company
Partners As a member of The Language Group of companies, EnglishBusiness has access to a worldwide network of highly specialised experts across the entire circular bioeconomic spectrum – including, but not limited to, science and technology, manufacturing and logistics, and health and wellness.
Technology We utilize the most advanced technology to perform localisation for over 200 languages, provide phone, video and telehealth interpreting, and empower our clients to communicate effectively whenever and wherever they find themselves.
Products/services EnglishBusiness is a leading expert in the written translation of documents, websites, and software. We also provide scheduled and on-demand access to live interpreting by phone, via video, and in person – 24/7 and all year round. We also equip people with the language and communication skills they need to convince, lead, inspire and connect with colleagues and clients across the globe.
Unique selling point We empower our clients to confidently connect with their internal and external stakeholders in any language, written or spoken, and in virtually any manner possible.
Membership in networks/associations DIRK – Deutscher Investor Relations Verband

QSD – Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschlands e. V.

Date of Incorporation/Number of Employees 1997/11



Nina Zolezzi
Marlen Schrader
Adresse Stadtdeich 2-4, 20097 Hamburg
Telefon +49 (0)40 650 5253
E-Mail  Nina Zolezzi is your contact for spoken communication: training@englishbusiness.de

Marlen Schrader will answer all questions on your written communication needs: translation@englishbusiness.de

Web-Adresse www.englishbusiness.com www.thelanguagegroup.com
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