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Destiny Pharma (LSE:DEST) is an established, clinical stage biotechnology company developing medicines that represent novel approaches to the treatment of infectious disease with a focus on infection prevention. Its pipeline of antibacterial candidates targets a broad range of indications where antibiotic resistance has become a significant public health issue and includes two Phase 3 ready assets addressing areas of high unmet medical need as well as a range of earlier research programmes. Destiny’s most advanced programmes include XF-73, derived from Destiny’s proprietary XF-series of compounds, for the prevention of post-surgical Staphylococcus aureus infections, and the biotherapeutic product NTCD-M3 for the prevention of recurring C. difficile gut infections, the leading cause of hospital-acquired infection in the US.


Destiny at a glance:

Field of Activity Discovery & development of novel antimicrobials with unique properties to prevent life-threatening infection, combat AMR and improve outcomes for patients while reducing the burden on healthcare systems.
Ownership Structure and Financing Public company listed since 2017 on AIM, raised almost £50mio plus £3mio in grants and non-diluting government funding.
Partners China Medical Systems have China rights to Destiny’s pipeline and own 11% of the Company. Co-development of SPOR-COV with SporeGen Limited, a novel treatment to prevent COVID-19 and similar respiratory viral infections using a Bacillus-based approach.
Technology XF-series: based in proprietary porphyrin ring-based chemistry with novel resistance-breaking MoA.
NTCD-M3: naturally occurring non-toxigenic strain of C.diff which lacks the genes that can express toxins.
Products/Services Destiny‘s pipeline has novel microbiome-based biotherapeutics and XF drug clinical assets including NTCD-M3, a Phase 3 ready treatment for the prevention of C. diffi cile infection recurrence and XF-73 nasal gel, which has recently completed a positive Phase 2b clinical trial targeting
the prevention of post-surgical staphylococcal hospital infections including
MRSA. There are also several grant-funded XF research projects.
Unique Selling Point Diversified pipeline targeting biotherapeutic and drug-based infection prevention with low-cost anti-resistant medical products via easy administration routes.
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Contact :

Neil Clark, CEO
Address Sussex Innovation Centre
Science Park Square
Telephone +44 1273 704440
Web Address www.destinypharma.com