BioLabs Global

BioLabs Global is a membership-based network of co-working lab facilities designed exclusively for high-potential, early-stage life science companies. BioLabs offers co-working environments that pair premium, fully equipped and supported lab and office space with unparalleled access to capital and industry partners. This supportive ecosystem allows nascent companies to focus on innovation, not start-up operations so entreprenuers can realize their scientific potential quickly and achieve business success. Companies can start with a single bench and scale up as they grow. Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, USA, BioLabs has a growing network of labs in key biotech innovation clusters across the US and Europe, with the newest facility anticipated to open in early 2022 in Heidelberg, Germany.





Biolabs Global at a glance:

Management Founder & CEO: Johannes Fruehauf, PhD, MD
Current and upcoming locations US: Boston, MA; Cambridge, MA; Dallas, TX; Durham, NC; Los Angeles,
CA; New Haven, CT; New York City, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Princeton, NJ; San Diego, CA
Europe: Heidelberg, Germany; Paris, France; Saclay, France
Industry Focus Early-stage life science start-up companies – BioLabs residents are innovating in over 20 research areas.
  • Flexible co-working lab & office spaces – scalable spaces from a single bench to private lab suites
  • Access to premium lab equipment & concierge level operational support services – decreasing start-up time and allowing companies to focus on innovation, not lab operations
  • Collaborative Community – connecting start-ups to local, regional & global biotech communities
Partners In Germany, BioLabs Global is working closely with BioRN to launch a new BioLabs facility in Heidelberg. BioLabs also works with a network of sponsors including equipment manufacturs, service providers, and large pharma partners.



Johannes Fruehauf, PhD, MD, Founder & CEO
Address BioLabs Global Headquarters:
139 Main Street, Suite 401
Cambridge, MA 02142
Telephone +1 781 710 2530
Email info@biolabs.io
Web Address www.biolabs.io
Social Media LinkedIn    Twitter