Creathor has invested into Sinopsys Surgical, a clinical stage medical device company in Boulder, Colorado. Sinopsys has developed a stent device called the Sinopsys Lacrimal Stent. The lead indication for the stent is chronic rhinosinusitis with additional use in epiphora and potential in allergic rhinitis.

Participants in this Series C round beside Creathor are strategic, institutional, and private investors. All of the company’s existing investors took part in the financing. “We are eager to begin our next phase of U.S. trials in an exciting range of applications”, comments Harry Ross, CEO of Sinopsys.

“The Sinopsys Lacrimal Stent has the potential to help millions of patients suffering from chronic rhinosinusitis, an indication with high medical need and limited therapeutic options”, says Christian Leikert, Investment Manager at Creathor.

The funds will be used to further develop the Sinopsys Lacrimal Stent in clinical trials and to prepare the regulatory filings as well as the market launch of the device, according to the company.

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