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10. Geschäftsberichte-Symposium

Juni 13, 2019


Disruptive technologies, polarization, and an increasingly educated public are the new reality in corporate reporting. In this volatile environment the annual report communicates a company’s stability and reliability. Backward-looking financial figures alone are not sufficient to retain stakeholder trust. The annual reporting ritual of reflecting on strategy and performance across all parts of a business offers more than just presenting financial accounts. Internally, it can be the catalyst for breaking down silos, for agility, for change, and for a shared holistic view of the business. The insights gained for reporting signify common consensus, and at the same time pave the way for a successful future business model. Externally, reporting can deliver a solid and robust fact base that serves as a prerequisite for tailored storytelling to bolster reputation. So, is the reporting journey its own reward?

Join the debate with international experts and peers at our Anniversary Symposium, and with the aid of stimulating practical examples of provocative propositions learn what the annual report can do to further promote your company.


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