VisionHealth GmbH

“New health app Kata®: The digital revolution in the treatment of respiratory diseases with worldwide development potential”

Respiratory diseases (Asthma, COPD, …)
Year founded
Number of employees
  • Needs Series A in Q1/2 2021: Seeking approx. 3 Mio
  • Use of proceeds: roll out to EU and US market
  • Developed MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and access to patients on Android and iOS
    Successful user study with 20 patients
  • PneumoDigital seal of the „Deutsche Atemwegsliga e.V.“ (German respiratory association)
  • Horizon 2020 „Seal of Excellence“ quality seal
  • Kata® certified as a class I medical device
  • Data security according to DSGVO
  • >2 Patents pending since Q4/2018

Business Concept

The economic potential motivates the VisionHealth company to first conquer the German and then the international health care market. For the B2C sector, patients either pay for the app service themselves or are reimbursed by their healthcare system. The German healthcare market in particular is on the verge of a breakthrough: thanks to the new option provided by the new „Digital Health Care Act“ (DVG), it will be possible to include medical apps in standard care in Germany from January 2020. This means: reimbursement of the usage fees for the health app Kata® by all statutory health insurance companies. In addition, cooperations with mail-order pharmacies and digital health platforms (e.g. online doctor services), data providers in the health sector (IMS, Insight Health), as well as pharmaceutical and medtec companies offer gratifying earnings potential.


The product gives real time feedback on the patient’s inhalation treatment and can be adjusted to any inhaler on the market. It turns any inhaler into a smart device without any hardware adjustments, by just using the medical application on the smartphone.

Market Potential

With the digital therapy assistant Kata®, VisionHealth is developing a global innovation in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases that has enormous potential in the global healthcare market and offers excellent prospects for investors:

Patient numbers Europe: 20 Mio COPD and 26 Mio asthma (adults) plus 10 Mio asthma (children)
Health expenditure respiratory diseases Europe: >82 bn €

Patient numbers global: 380 Mio COPD and 170 Mio asthma (adults) plus 75 Mio asthma (children)
Health expensiture respiratory diseases global: >250 bn €

We have identified a market of

  • 80 Mio patients with severe or poorly controlled asthma
  • 125 Mio COPD patients with exacerbations
  • 150 Mio caregivers
  • 50 Mio self tracking patients

Dr. Sabine Häußermann


VisionHealth GmbH
Lichtenbergstr. 8
85748 Garching bei München

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