VAXIMM AG is a privately held, clinical stage, Swiss/German biotech company developing oral T-cell immunotherapies for patients suffering from cancer. VAXIMM’s technology is based on fi rst-in-class oral T-cell activators that can be readily adapted to target a wide range of cancer-related antigens. The Company’s lead product candidate, VXM01, is an investigational oral T-cell immunotherapy designed to activate T-cells to attack the tumour vasculature, and, in several tumour types, attack cancer cells directly. VAXIMM has received orphan designation for the EU and the US for VXM01 to treat glioma.
The Company has several additional product candidates at various stages of preclinical development, which can be developed as stand-alone therapies or in combination with other immunotherapies. VAXIMM is also using its technology to develop a personal neoantigen approach. VXM NEO has already demons trated immune proof of concept.



Field of Activity – Oncology drug development
– Oral T-cell immunotherapies
Ownership Structure and Financing – Headquartered in Basel, Switzerland
– Development activities are run from wholly owned subsidiary in Mannheim, Germany
– Investors: BB Biotech Ventures, Merck Serono Ventures, Sunstone
Capital, BioMed Partners
Partners – Clinical collaboration with Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, and Pfizer Inc. to evaluate VXM01 in combination with avelumab
– Works with leading academic institutions, e.g., National Center for Tumor Diseases Heidelberg (NCT)
Technology VAXIMM’s technology is based on fi rst-in-class oral T- cell activators that can be readily adapted to target a wide range of cancer-related antigens. The platform is based on the live attenuated bacterial vaccine strain Ty21, which has been administered to millions of people as a prophylactic vaccine to temporarily protect them from typhoid fever. This strain has been proven to be very safe and well tolerated. All immunotherapies resulting from this platform are taken orally by the patient. The platform is suitable for addressing multiple targets with one treatment and can be combined with additional immune therapies.
Date of Incorporation / Number of Employees 2008 / 10

Contact person:

Dr. Heinz Lubenau


Telephone  +49 621-8359687-0
Telefax  +49 621-8359687-99
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Technologiepark Basel
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Harrlachweg 2
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