SIRION Biotech GmbH

SIRION’s mission is to help expedite gene, cell and immunotherapies with its ability to design cutting edge AAV-, Lentivirus-, and Adenovirus-based technologies. Cost and affordability for patients has become a big challenge for SIRION and the industry as a whole.

SIRION Biotech is a self-sustainable and fast growing private company. The company is seeking growth capital for it to grow the value added it provides to drug developers out of its sites in Munich, Paris and Boston.

SIRION at a glance:

Field of Activity
Custom vector design and supply for a new generation of therapeutics (gene- and cell therapies, CAR-T cell therapies).
Ownership Structure and Financing 7 non-executive investors with largely financial bias, 2 executives. Company fully owns SIRION Biotech International Inc. in Cambridge, MA and holds stock in InProTher ApS at the Novo Nordisk Bioinnovation Institute COBIS in Copenhagen.
Partners SIRION has broad and deep insights into development priorities. The company is leveraging these insights for its own investment strategy in selected pre-clinical indication areas.
Viral vector-based technologies with a unique focus on vector design for improved transduction efficiencies, manufacturing yields and safety standards for gene and cell therapy developments.
Products/Services AAV, Lentivirus and Adenovirus custom vector engineering and preclinical manufacture, consultancy for pre-/clinical vector optimization for cell and gene therapy developers, transduction enhancers.
Unique Selling Point SIRION is the ultimate industry contact for early stage viral based gene & CAR-T therapies.
Membership in Networks/Associations Cell and Gene Therapy societies membership worldwide (USA, Europe, Germany, GB, France).
Date of Incorporation/
Number of Employees
Others The Transduction Company – Engineers of viral vectors for transformative gene and cell-therapies.



Dieter Lingelbach (COO) und Dr Christian Thirion (CTO)
Dieter Lingelbach (COO) & Dr Christian Thirion (CTO)

Address Am Klopferspitz 19            125 Cambridge Park Drive Suite 301
82152 Martinsried              Cambridge, MA
GERMANY                          USA
Telephone Germany: +49 89 700 961 99 9
USA: +1 857 284 1844
E-Mail info@sirion-biotech.com
Web Address www.sirion-biotech.com