“Separation and Detection Experts – trace analysis at the level of ppb”

Year founded
Number of employees
We are looking for investment within next 6 months at the level of 1M EUR

Business Concept

We are developing new and fast method for toxins analysis. First substances we are working on are mycotoxins and PAH. Advantage of our solution is price, but what's most important accuracy of method and ease of use. Value for clients is their independence from external analytical labs. Technology we are working on can be used in many areas – next step will be to extend offer of analysed substances to heavy metals, pesticides, medicines, stimulants metabolites in blood – measured by one device.


Fast trace analysis at the level of ppb, no moving parts, no trained personel needed – one device.

Market Potential:

Target market in Poland consists of food manufacturers as well as poultry farms and inspection bodies. Total polish laboratory diagnostics market for instruments and consumabels is worth 50M USD, only mycotoxins analysis market is worth at least 3 M USD, the aim is to achieve 10% share of market for individual type of toxin analysis. In Europe mycotoxin market analysis is predicted to be worth 211M USD in 2020.


Activities related to the current round of financing (R&D) are planned until August 2020. During this time, the prototype and methods for sample preparation have been prepared. Sample preparation must be validated by an external laboratory, achieve positive results and reach first customers. As far as the next stages of R&D are concerned we want to extend the offer and include additiona mycotoxinas and kannabionoids analyzes. In the next years we want to introduce a full-fledged product to the market and achieve a 10% share in the mycotoxin and PAH analysis market in Poland during 3 years and expand its operations to selected foreign markets.

Anna Gernand


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