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Lindis Blood Care (LBC) is a medical technology company aiming to set a new gold standard in oncological blood management to enable autologous blood transfusion in cancer surgeries, eliminating the negative side effects associated with allogeneic blood transfusions. To reach this goal, LBC has developed CATUVAB® – the first device able to reliably remove EpCAM-positive cancer cells. CATUVAB(R) combines IBS (intraoperative blood salvage) technologies currently used at nearly all hospitals with a proprietary trifunctional antibody and a filter. LBC’s approach is therefore not only effective but also easy-to-implement into hospital routines. It has provided proof-of-concept (POC) in both in vitro and in two clinical studies, of which one is still ongoing.


Lindis at a glance:

Ownership Structure and Financing Privately owned. Majority stake held by founders Horst Lindhofer and Franzpeter Bracht. Lead investors HTGF, Brandenburg Capital and five other private investors.
Technology LBC’s patented CATUVAB® technology is based on standard filter equipment and a bispecific trifunctional antibody which specifically binds to EpCAM-positive tumor cells and immune cells forming cell complexes that are removed from extracorporeal blood during tumor surgery in two steps: 1) during standard intraoperative blood salvage and 2) filtration with a leukocyte depletion filter.
Products/Services CATUVAB® has provided POC both in vitro and in an initial clinical study with 15 patients. Data showed that no tumor cells could be detected in the introperative blood treated with LBC’s product. Designed to confirm these initial positive findings, LBC has initiated an international multicenter clinical study (REMOVE) in Feb 2021 which lays the basis for EU CE certification as well as for potential FDA approval as medical device in H2 2022.
Unique Selling Point CATUVAB® would be the first product that could be used safely and cost-effectively for patient blood management in cancer surgeries. The mechanism of action behind CATUVAB® is purely physical and does not involve any pharmacological, immunological or metabolic action and shows high levels of specificity and safety. The approach can easily be integrated into clinical practice and represents a cost-effective method compared to fully burdened allogeneic blood transfusions and treatment-related costs for severe side effects associated with those.
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Horst Lindhofer, Ph.D., Founder / Managing Director: Research & Development
Franzpeter Bracht, Ph.D., Founder / Managing Director: Strategy, Finance and Business Development
Address Neuendorfstrasse 20b
16761 Hennigsdorf
Email info@lindis-bloodcare.com
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