Indivumed GmbH

Indivumed is a global oncology company and a unique resource for accelerating cancer research and advancing precision oncology. Driven by their mission to unveil the complex mechanisms of cancer, Indivumed combines the world’s most comprehensive multi-omics data with extensive medical experience, bioinformatics expertise, and AI-integrated advanced analytics. Utilizing a global clinical network and using a standardized approach, Indivumed collects biospecimens and comprehensive clinical information of unparalleled depth and quality. Based on this data, the company offers specialized products and services, as well as development partnerships that support customers in obtaining novel insights, discovering biomarkers and targets, drug development, clinical trials, and much more.


Indivumed at a glance:

Field of activity Preclinical/Clinical Services, Bioinformatics, AI Analytics, Laboratory Service, and Biobank Products
Ownership Structure and Financing Founder & Private Investors
Partners Close partnerships with clinical institutions all over the world to collect biospecimens and clinical data. Establishment of the Oncology Alliance for Individualized Medicine (Onco AI-Med) to conduct cancer research. Establishment of the drug development company Ix Therapeutics.
Products/Services • CRO Services
• Biobank & Biobank Know-How
• IHC Screening of Clinical Trial Samples
• Early Oncology R&D Services
• Drug Development Partnerships
Unique Selling Point • Unique and highly standardized biospecimen collection process.
• The world’s most comprehensive multi-omics cancer database.
• AI platform combining disease models, analytical algorithms, and machine learning.
Membership in Networks/Associations BIO Deutschland, Life Science Nord e.V., ESBB, EACR, AACR
Date of Incorporation/Number of employees 2002 / 230


Prof. Dr. med. Hartmut Juhl
Founder and Chief Executive Officer Indivumed Group
Adress Falkenried 88, Bldg. D
20251 Hamburg
Telephone +49 40 41 33 83-0
Email info@indivumed.com
Web Address www.indivumed.com
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