EpiQMAx GmbH

“Decoding epigenetics”

R&D projects, oncology.
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EpiQMAx is constantly looking for interested partners to drive epiproteomic workflows towards clinical applications.

Business Concept

EpiQMAx offers a full service for the quantitative analysis of proteins and protein interactions (including PTM’s) by means of mass spectrometry. Since 2018 we are a partner for the development of drugs and biomarker research with a focus in the epigenetic field. Headquartered nearby Munich, we operate state-of the-art mass spectrometers to ultimately facilitate proteomic screenings into clinical
applications by a fee-for-service model.


“better, faster, cheaper” for mass spectrometry, protein analysis and epiproteomics

Market Potential:

The global epigenetic market grows with a CAGR of 17,3%. The adressable market is composed of more than 350 potential customers in the EU alone. This represents a total adressable market of more than 159 million Euro by 2022.


  • EXIST Gründerstipendium 2018
  • FLÜGGE Funding 2018
  • Price awarded start-up at the Munich Business plan competition as well as at the MIT:FUTURA Berlin in 2018/2019
  • EIT Headstart funding 2019.

Dr. Moritz Völker-Albert


Großhaderner Street 9
82152 Planegg


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