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Atriva Therapeutics’ mission is to develop an antiviral therapy platform against severe respiratory and systemic diseases with a high unmet medical need induced by RNA viruses, e.g., influenza, COVID-19 or RSV. The clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company is pioneering the development of host-targeting antiviral therapies, making development of resistances very unlikely, and thereby signifi cantly contributing to pandemic preparedness. The Atriva lead product zapnometinib is a fi rst-in-class, host-targeting agent that aims to inhibit viral replication and to favorably modulate the body’s immune response to RNA viruses. Eleven patent families with broad international coverage grant protection for the use of MEK inhibitors and other kinase inhibitors for antiviral therapies through 2041.

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Field of Activity
Atriva Therapeutics tackles potentially life-threatening diseases with limited treatment options. The company develops MEK inhibitors to human pathogenic RNA viruses, e.g. infl uenza, hantavirus, RSV, corona viruses and other undisclosed viral targets. The replication of these viruses depends on the MEK kinase function, which is inhibited by zapnometinib. Furthermore, it reduces cytokine and chemokine release, thus lowering the risk of a cytokine storm, and
supports cellular immune response.
Ownership Structure and Financing Atriva is a privately owned company. It cooperates with leading academic institutions and offers license partnerships to the pharmaceutical industry.
Technology  Replication of RNA viruses depends on the Raf/MEK/ERK signalling cascade. The Atriva MEK inhibitor blocks this pathway, effectively impairs viral replication and favourably modulates the immune response. Due to its host-cell approach, formation of viral resistances is virtually excluded, and mutated viruses can also be treated.
  • Advanced clinical development as treatment for patients with respiratory viral infections
  • Clinical proof-of-concept in hospitalized COVID-19 patients
Unique selling point New host-targeting mode of action to treat viral diseases with high resistance barrier and broad activity against respiratory RNA
viruses, even in severe cases. By reducing viral load plus modulating immune response in one tablet, Atriva Therapeutics pursues a new approach to develop treatments for viral infections.
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Dr Rainer Lichtenberger, MBA, CEO


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