AiCuris Anti-infective Cures AG

AiCuris is a pharmaceutical company focused on discovery, research and development of novel, resistance-breaking antiviral and antibacterial agents for the treatment of severe and potentially life-threatening infectious diseases.

As innovator for antiviral and antibacterial therapies, AiCuris targets current infectious diseases with high unmet medical need, while also preparing for future threats. With the experience of big pharma but the flexibility and scalability of a small biotech, we are driven by scientific expertise and collaborate with a wide array of academic and business partners. This enables us access to various technologies, platforms and sub-contractors – each time selected according to project needs.


AiCuris at a glance:

Field of Activity Anti-infectives incl. antivirals (HCMV, HSV, Hepatitis B virus, Adenovirus, SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses with pandemic potential) and antibacterials (incl. fighting AMR).
Pandemic & Resistance Emergency Preparedness – PREP Program
Ownership Structure and Financing Ownership Structure and Financing
Private investors, led by the family office of the Dres. Strüngmann, major stakeholders of BioNTech.
Partners Merck & Co. (MSD): Licensee of Letermovir, Lysando, Max-Planck-Institute, ICIQ and others.
AiCuris intends to move its projects at least to a clinical PoC before starting licensing/partnering activities.
Active in-licensing strategy for pre-clinical and early clinical projects. Company incubator (AiCubator) for early projects initated in 2020.
Products/Services Selected AiCuris’ Programs:

Letermovir (licensed to MSD): HCMV, marketed (HSCT), Ph 3 (SOT)

Pritelivir: HSV resistant, Phase 3

AIC649: Hepatitis B virus, SARS-CoV-2 treatment (pandemic preparedness), Phase 1 (in patients)

Artilysine: Several approaches in the field of bacteriology incl. AMR

Unique Selling Point Clear focus on Anti-infectives. Highly innovative antibiotic and antiviral drugs acting via new modes of action and/or from novel classes.
Membership in networks / associations EFPIA, BEAM Alliance, BIO Deutschland, BioRiver
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Dr. Holger Zimmermann
Dr. Holger Zimmermann
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